So Many Impulses, so Little Time…
They are a trio of trouble for fish!

Impulse Trio of soft plastic baits.Bemidji, Minn. – At NORTHLAND, we believe that impulses deserve action. That’s why we produce a large family of IMPULSE® soft baits, designed to generate fish reactions. You put them in the water, and you get bit. Action. Reaction. We do all the work upfront. You reap the rewards on the water.

Our IMPULSE® soft baits don’t just mimic the profiles, hues, and textures of common forage species that bigger fish feed upon; they move like them, too. Life-like. Realistically.

All our IMPULSE® soft baits are molded with Northland’s exclusive IMPULSE® Attractant, fortified with a baked-in Micro Plankton™ formula proven 143% more effective than the leading brand. That means that fish don’t just want to bite it. They want to eat it, because it tastes, smells and feels like the real thing. That’s what they all have in common. But at that point, they begin to differ, each targeting a specific purpose.

New to the IMPULSE® lineup is our 4” IMPULSE® RINGWORM, size and profile that river walleye anglers love. In cold water, stiff, lifeless baits won’t cut it. But one that wiggles and squirms like a live worm gets results. Its ultra-soft external rings and sleek and seductive “Double Curl” Screwtail tantalizes, teases, and torments reluctant biters. “Rig it on a 3/32 oz. Lip-Stick® Jig-Worm or 1/8 oz. Gami Jig, and momentarily lift the jig & worm combo off the bottom,” says category manager Eric Naig. “Or swim it through flooded shoreline cover in high-water conditions. Walleyes can’t resist. Bass, either, all year long.” It comes 8 worms per bag, in 6 colors ranging from subtle, clear-water shades like Smoke and White, to bright Chartreuse for stained & muddy water.

Next, check out our IMPULSE® 3.5” TUBE, a familiar shape to bass anglers everywhere. Neither nor 3” or 4”, its 3 1/2” profile nails that elusive in-between sweet spot that largemouths, smallmouths and spotted bass all love. It features a 1 ½” “hollow-head” tube body with fourteen 2” tantalizing teaser tails that fish just can’t resist. Especially when rigged on a light jighead, slowly drifted to the bottom, and inched along to drive fish wild. In 4 popular colors, 8 per package.

John Janousek holding up a largemouth bass caught on an Impulse soft plastic bait.And finally, the finale! NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® HELLGRAMITE leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fish appeal. It’s a large larvae imitation of common insects found in lakes, rivers, and streams. A panfish angler’s dream. A trout fisherman’s salvation. And for walleye anglers, a size and shape with untold potential, jigged or rigged. It’s 2” in length, with 13 body segments and 26 ultra-sensitive legs that undulate and pulsate to mimic moving larvae. Available in 6 natural colors, packaged mitey handy with 10 per bag.

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® RINGWORM, TUBE, and HELLGRAMITE. The one ring that masters all others. A tube for all seasons and reasons. And when fish don’t bite, give ‘em hellgramite. It’s like Kryptonite for fish.


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