New “Mini-Spoons” Generate More Fish Pounce per Ounce
They pack heavyweight punches in featherweight frames!

Mini-Spoons from Northland Fishing Tackle.Bemidji, Minn. – They say that good things come in small packages. Well, Northland’s familiar yellow hang cards haven’t been downsized. But our spoons sure have. Some are now so small that they more closely offer fish appetizing morsels than full meal deals. Which is just the way fussy fish like ‘em.

NORTHLAND’S FORAGE MINNOW® SPOON is a great example. Its unique minnow design flashes and flutters to mimic a crippled minnow, perfect when not too little, yet not too much action is the recipe for success. A proven winner in larger sizes, it now comes in miniature 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 ounce models as well. And it’s available in 6 lifelike “Holographic” Baitfish-Image® forage patterns, including 4 “Neon” Super Glo colors, to match the hatch wherever fish swim.

Second, NORTHLAND’S MACHO MINNOW® SPOON features a beveled-edge design that creates an erratic tumbling action, closely mimicking a crippled minnow. Plus, it boasts a jointed KickerTail Fin™ that flickers, flashes, kicks & clatters to lure fish in from a wide radius. Available in 5 sizes from a minuscule 1/16 on up to 3/8 oz., it catches everything from Crappie to Bass, Walleye to Trout. And it comes in 10 lifelike forage patterns including 6 Super-Glo colors.

But that’s not all. Because third, NORTHLAND’S “Macho” WHISTLER SPOON combines their exclusive CutSlab™ brass body concept with a sonic whistling prop and hollow brass beads that clack, clang & clatter as the lure erratically tumbles and flashes on the fall. It’s available in 1/12, 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 oz. versions, with the smaller sizes, kept short to enhance their panfish appeal. And with 6 hot color combos including 4 Super-Glo patterns, it covers the entire spectrum of your fishing needs whenever you need added attraction on your line.

“Our ‘Mini-Spoon’ lineup offers anglers a range of minute presentation options, in a variety of lure styles that either accentuate or subdue flash, vibration, action, color, visibility, and profile,” says Team Northland® Category Manager Eric Naig. “You don’t just have one spooning option; you have many, in a variety of sizes and colors. Carry an assortment of each lure style, show them to the fish, and let their response tell you what they prefer on a daily basis. Fine-tune your approach, and you’re on target for consistent success.”

NORTHLAND’S FORAGE MINNOW® SPOON, MACHO MINNOW®, and WHISTLER SPOON—three great new options for tempting or triggering fish to bite or strike. No matter the spans of their jaws nor the enthusiasm of their attitudes, we’ve got you covered for spoon-feeding all sizes and species of fish, on ice and open water.


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