Try Gumming up the Works. It Works!
They are a deadly combo for all species of fish!

Bemidji, Minn. – Jig fishing is all about matching tackle and techniques to fishing situations. And at NORTHLAND, we know that a jig is not just a jig. It’s an integral part of a component jigging system. That’s why we manufacture a wide array of different jigs shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, each tailored to conquer a specific set of fishing conditions.

NORTHLAND’S RZ JIG is a good example. It’s a premium-quality round head molded around a Needle-Point hook, painted with a durable pearlescent urethane finish. It features a specially designed barbed “bait collar” to hold both live bait and soft plastic trailers on the bronze hook. It comes in 7 sizes from 1/32 to 1/2 oz., in up to 7 colors, including Glow. Around in one form or another for many years, it has been tweaked and adapted to challenging times and changing fisheries. After all, why reinvent the wheel when you can put a new spin on it instead for catching panfish, walleyes, and bass?

Our NEON RZ JIGS feature tri-tone paint finishes in vibrant “neon-tone” attractor colors, dressed with lifelike eye-balls to target the strike. They have premium “Big Bite” Needle-Point red hooks for added visibility. Like the original RZ, as jig weight increases, so does hook size, creating more hook gap to accommodate soft plastics and ensure good hookups. They come in 7 versatile sizes, from 1/32 to 1/2 oz., including our new 3/16 oz. model. And in 8 X distinctive forage and hi-vis color patterns, plus assorted. All RZ JIGS are also available in bulk at 12 per card, and bags of 25. Because in a world fraught with abundant snags and toothy fish, chances are you might need a few spares over the long haul.

And when it comes to STING’R HOOKS, NORTHLAND by far has the largest assortment of pre-tied stingers on the market, with distinctive versions tied or crimped in 2 and 3” lengths to match the size of your bait. Our original STING’R is constructed from durable 12 lb-test Bionic® leader and uses an easy on/off “fast-snap” connector to attach a size #10 treble to your jig. Our SNELLED STING’R is similar, but features a single hook, rather than a treble. They clip into the eye of any jig, or to the “trailer hitch” attachment on our Fire-Ball® livebait jigs.

Braided Sting’r HookEric Naig holding up an open water walleye he caught fishing.SLIP-ON STING’R HOOKS feature a versatile rubber-coated “loop end” that simply slides over any hook, and is available with both red and bronze trebles. Our BRAIDED LINE STING’R HOOKS are tied with premium 20 lb-test Bionic® Braid for an extra-strong, low diameter connection. It comes in two versions: a “Slip-On” model that you slip over the hook or around the base of the hook eye, and then cinch down tight; and a “Clip-On” like our other connectors.

NORTHLAND’S RZ JIGS and STING’R HOOKS. You’ll get hooked on them. So will fish.


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