Bemidji, Minn. – A trio of promising new ice fishing accessories from Northland Fishing Tackle make rod and line management easier than ever. The lineup includes the Free-Standing Rod Holder System, Bucket Rod Holder, and Rattle Reel Tip-Up.

Banishing the need to stick rod butts in snowbanks or balance blanks on a bucket for hands-free fishing, the Free-Standing Rod Holder System takes versatility and convenience to new heights. Made from durable, fiberglass-reinforced ABS, it securely cradles ice rods of all shapes and lengths, allowing for easy placement at any distance from the hole.

Equally effective inside a house or on the barren icepack, the Free-Standing Rod Holder System stands tall on twin stabilizing legs that engender a fast setup in any conditions. It’s also fully adjustable, offering 140 degrees of rod angle options. Plus, it’s lightweight and compact, so you can pick up the entire assembly for fast hooksets when fish take the bait.

Built to securely clip any rod on the lip of any bucket in seconds, the Bucket Rod Holder is also crafted from bulletproof fiberglass-reinforced ABS that won’t break if you drop it on the ice, even on the coldest of days.

The Rattle Reel Tip-Up is a true utility player. You can mount its distinctive “Hot Wheel” rattle reel to the wall of a permanent fish house, clamp it on the metal tubing of a portable shelter’s strut, or deploy it as a stand-alone tip-up.

It features an adjustable arm that’s easily tailored to fit any hole size or distance from the hole. Plus, when used as a tip-up, both reel and leg angles are fully adjustable for infinite customization.

Free-Standing Rod Holder System and Bucket Rod Holder
Rugged Fiberglass-Reinforced ABS Securely Clips Any Rod To Any Bucket
Works With Ice Rods Of All Sizes Rugged Fiberglass-Reinforced ABS
Twin Stabilizing Legs Deploy Anywhere MSRP $9.19
Effective Inside Shelters And On The Ice
MSRP $14.99

Rattle Reel Tip-Up
Distinctive “Hot Wheel” Rattle Reel, Fits Permanent And Portable Houses
Use As Free-Standing Tip-Up, Adjusts To Any Size Hole, MSRP $28.39

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