Bemidji, Minn. – When darkness falls on the hard water realm, reliable lighting is a must for tying knots, untangling lines, wrangling fish, and performing countless other nocturnal tasks. Thankfully, Northland Fishing Tackle® helps anglers light up the night like never before with five bright new options built for extreme duty on the ice and in numerous other nighttime scenarios.

Pop-Up LED Lantern – With a unique spring-loaded design for speedy deployment, this handy, pocket-sized lantern doubles as a flashlight when closed. In lantern mode, its durable nylon mesh globe diffuses light, yielding a soft glow that’s bright but not blinding. Has multiple settings including flashing options that allow use in emergencies and as a homing beacon. Runs up to 36 hours on three AAA batteries. MSRP is $13.39.

Hanging LED Light – Armed with 24 LEDs for maximum brightness, this slick little unit features 2 brightness settings that let you toggle between floodlight and flashlight modes. Aiding ease of use, it sports a concealed hook for fast hang-ups on shanty poles and other protrusions, plus a built-in magnet so you can stick it to the side of a vehicle or other metal surface. A 360-degree adjustable stand further expands placement options. MSRP $13.29.

Hanging Lantern – Pop it open and 21 LEDs pierce the darkness with up to 180 lumens, while four brightness settings—two white and two red—let you manage illumination to handle any need. Plus, a flashing option allows use as a beacon and for homing on your fish house. Also features a built-in universal USB port for charging smartphones and other devices. Runs on a dual-power supply with rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries and three AAA batteries. MSRP $30.79.

LED Puck Light – Featuring a compact design with an impact-resistant globe and battery case, this pint-sized performer’s super-bright LED produces up to 150 lumens with five brightness levels and a strobe setting for safety purposes. An integrated hook allows multiple hanging options, while a built-in magnet makes it easy to place the light on a variety of metal surfaces. MSRP $13.29.

Fan Light Combo – Molded from tough ABS plastic, this dual-purpose powerhouse features 18 LEDs for ample brightness, plus a handy fan to circulate fish house air and prevent hot air from pooling at the ceiling. Choose from light-only, fan-only, and fan-light operation. Thanks to a low power draw, the fan runs 36 hours on three AA batteries. MSRP $20.79

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