Matt Brookman shows you how he gets in the weeds for early summer with the Weed-Weasel for crappies. Crappies are notorious for inhabiting vast dense weed flats and weed beds after spawning to recover and before moving out deep to suspend over basins and off edges. During this time it can be nearly impossible to effectively target them due to the dense nature of the cover they are living in.

Brookman chooses the Weed-Weasel for crappies because the pronged weed guard actually allows him to cast or slow the bait through the cover and into holes or openings where the crappies will stack up. Traditionally this wasn’t an option so having the ability to cover water while still picking apart cover is a major revolution is targeting weed oriented panfish.

You can target these fish with a variety of trailers, whether it’s live bait like a minnow or our Impulse plastics like the Swim’N Grub used by Matt in this video. Anywhere there are fish stacked up in or around cover the Weed-Weasel should be the first jig you call on to slide through the weeds and get bit.


More on this bait: A perennial favorite for bass, pike, walleyes and crappies in heavy cover. Tip with live bait or soft plastics and swim, jig, drag or dip in the thickest reeds, cabbage, coontail, brush and standing timber. For best results targeting fish holding near bottom in extremely thick cover, drop the Weed-Weasel straight down and vertically jig it in the strike zone.


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