By Eric Brandriet

There is no doubt walleyes, or for that matter all fish, prefer leeches on their menus at least sometime during the open water season.  For some anglers, leeches are rarely used and unfortunately they can provide some of the hottest angling of the year no matter the species being chased.  Leech availability usually starts the beginning of May and often will run through the end of summer.

Plastics have earned a solid place in my and other angler’s presentations for good reason.  Action, color and scent have literally been produced in products matching that of live bait.  Plastics create an advantage as little care compared to livebait is required while they can be used with a variety of jig weights and styles.

Northland Tackle realizes the importance of plastics and leeches and just introduced (in the Mimic Minnow Family) a new member called the Limber Leech!  It’s unique lifelike and segmented flat body provides a gliding/swimming movement that fish simply can’t resist.  The Mimic Minnow Limber Leech comes pre-rigged in 5 convenient jig sizes and 8 different colors to compliment different depths and water conditions,

After a few hours of casting the Limber Leech on emerging weedlines, I wished that this would have been available years before.  Walleyes didn’t merely bite this new jig, they chomped it!  The unmatched action was surely irresistible and unseen as many fish bit what seemed like as soon as the jig hit the water (on the fall).   A jig and fall casting cadence produced the most fish most likely due to how lifelike it really is.  It’s versatility and fondness by many species will allow this jig to be cast just about anywhere (lakes and rivers), shorelines to mid-lake structure.

For anglers not accustomed to using leeches, the Mimic Minnow Limber Leech will give them a new option that can be fished very easy.   For others that use leeches on a regular basis, this jig will become a “Go-To” jig starting in May and will become a major player in their arsenals.   A bait like the Mimic Minnow Leech, which simply replicates the real thing, that can be caste to pinpoint locations will play a role in walleye success throughout the whole summer!


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