Trolling Deep Summer Walleye: Deep trolling crankbait patterns on Lake Sakakawea during the dog days of summer. Sakakawea is a massive reservoir on the Missouri River, located in North Dakota. Trolling Northland Rumble Sticks along deep contours with lead core. The Rumble Stick matches the primary forage (smelt) and we often find that walleye prefer the longer profile come mid-summer. Tips and insights on trolling lead core and fishing Lake Sakakawea with Jason Mitchell and guide Matt Liebel.

Mitchell expresses the importance of following contour lines even though this can be difficult it’s very important in patterning fish. Lead core is a great tool for this because the rise and fall as you follow contours can really trigger bites you wouldn’t otherwise get. Longer stickbait style cranks like the Rumble Stick are a great bait for this technique but the best thing about the stick is the deeper diving lip that still delivers a light delicate shimmy that matches the longer narrow profile that matches pelagic baitfish that roam these basins, and you are easily able to match the hatch with multiple sizes and color offerings. Whether it’s smelt, cisco, whitefish, or other baitfish.

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