Fall River Walleye Tactics: Joel Nelson shares a boatload of information that will help you catch more river walleye during the fall months, including his top three favorite tactics and some tips for location fish on the structure.

As fall rolls around, the water cools and pushes fish towards breaks and following congregations of baitfish. Points, current breaks, and wind-blown shoreline areas are very important to walleyes and they typically pile up with Shad. Puppet Minnows are a great vertical presentation to get fish to eat on a reaction. Another great tool towards fall for shallower fish that are chasing bait aggressively is an impulse paddle minnow with an MVP jig which is equipped with a sickle-style hook that rarely comes unhooked when you get bit. Finally don’t be afraid to go bigger with your bait selection, particularly with a crankbait like a Rumble Shad which is an awesome larger shad imitator and triggers bites as few other techniques can. Get aggressive and stay on the move following the baitfish. Take these tips with you into the fall and get bit better on river systems.

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