Bemidji, Minn. – Northland Fishing Tackle offers panfish and predator anglers alike an incredibly versatile and lifelike lure in the Eye-Ball Spoon.

Northland Tackle Eye-Ball Spoon

Savvy anglers and tackle manufacturers have been painting eyes on lures for years with increasing skill.  They’ve known for some time that predators key in on baitfish’s eyes as a target point for any strike, so much so that even real fish eyes have been used extensively for bait where legal.     

Far better than painted versions, and just as lifelike as a perch-eye, the Eye-Ball Spoon perfectly mimics the real thing, with bling.  The backside of the spoon offers an array of colorful glow patterns for all scenarios, providing both attraction and realistic seduction. 

Eye-Ball Spoon details

Clear-water scenarios benefit from the dark pupil and iridescent iris of the “eye” side of the jig, while dark, tannin-stained, or turbulent water bodies will find brighter glow colors of note.  Active jigging situations will benefit from the bait’s darting and dangling trebles, while deadstick and set-line anglers will find this to be a perfect attraction jig when motionless. 

The Eye-Ball Spoon’s lead material and compact design mean you’re getting to fish fast, and able to fish various sizes in a range of depths, for a wide assortment of species.  This makes the Eye-Ball Spoon an incredibly versatile bait that’s perfect for panfish and hungry predators alike. 

The NEW Eye-Ball Spoons are available in 3 sizes (1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., and 1/4 oz.) and 10 different fish-catching colors.  Each pack contains one (1) Eye-Ball Spoon per card.  12 Eye-Ball Spoon bulk packs are also available. 

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