Bemidji, Minn. – Northland Fishing Tackle offers the ultimate solution for live-bait anglers in the Mini Predator Rig.

Northland Tackle Mini-Predator Rig

Any tip-up, deadstick, or rattle-reel angler will tell you stories about the two-headshake monster that was seemingly hooked up, only to be lost to the depths in rapid fashion.  The Mini Predator Rig aims to undo those stories forever. 

“A-rig” style live bait harnesses have been around for some time, especially in large predator circles.  Home-baked concoctions with hand-crimped sleeves and various oversized hardware have been the rage for some time, but perch, walleye, and other live-bait anglers with needs for slightly miniature versions have been largely ignored.  Until now.   

The Mini Predator Rig has designs for any bait or mid-sized target species on hand, with weighted and unweighted options, along with choices for 36lb Surflon Stainless Steel Wire & 15lb mono materials to handle sharp teeth or discerning eyeballs. 

As a permanent shelter, wheelhouse, and even mobile anglers discover the importance of offering live bait in their spread, the Mini Predator Rig offers those anglers the perfect tool for the job.  Premium trebles secure bait of nearly any length both fore and aft while proving superior for putting exposed hooks into hard mouths.    

Choose plain or finesse options for mid-winter fish that have seen it all, or choose brighter glow colors to add some attraction to your live bait.  Given all of the options, if you fish live bait, there’s a Mini Predator Rig that’s perfect for the way you fish. 

The NEW Mini Predator Rigs. are available in 36lb Surflon Stainless Steel Wire & 15lb mono in the following combinations: 1/8 oz. Weighted Mono, 1/8 oz. Weighted Wire, Unweighted Mono, and Unweighted Wire.  Available in Glo White and Glo Red, there are 3 hook sizes (#12, #10, #8 ) for a total of 18 different fish-catching options.

Each pack contains one (1) Weighted Mini Predator Rig or two (2) Unweighted Mini Predator Rigs per card.

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