Swimbait Jig Fishing Tips: Swimbait fishing is a great way to catch a variety of fish including bass, walleyes, and pike. In this video, Craig and Charlie Peterson share some swimbait jig fishing tips with the NEW! Northland Elite Series Mimic Swim Jig.

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The Mimic Swim Jig utilizes the iconic shape of Northland’s Mimic Minnow in a heavy-duty offering. It features a heavy-duty Gamakatsu hook that’s sharpness and strength won’t let you down when driving hooks home on trophy bass, walleye, and pike. The Mimic Swim jig’s 60° tie eye allows it to slide through cover like cabbage and coontail where the big fish live. Lead and wire bait keepers help provide balance to the jig for superior action and locks on your favorite plastics like large swimbaits. Tie one on and get ready to set the hook!

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In 1975, a young Northwoods fishing guide named John Peterson started pouring jigs and tying tackle for his guiding clients in a small remote cabin in northern Minnesota. The lures were innovative, made with high-quality components, and most importantly were catching fish when no other baits were working! The word spread like wildfire, the phone started ringing for Team Northland®… and the Northland Fishing Tackle® brand was in hot demand!

For over 45 years Team Northland® Tackle has been designing, testing, and perfecting an exclusive line of products that catches fish like no other brand on the market today. Manufactured in the heart of Minnesota’s finest fishing waters, Northland® is one of the country’s leading producers of premium quality jigs, live bait rigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and spoons for Panfish, Perch, Walleye, Bass, Trout, Northern Pike, and Muskie.

Northland Fishing Tackle® products are designed by fishermen for the quality-conscious anglers of the new millennium. The entire management team are fishermen who surround themselves with experienced Northwoods fishing guides, veteran charter captains, professional tournament anglers, and the famous Team Northland Pro-Staff! These fishing experts provide us with valuable product feedback and innovative fishing ideas that keep us on the “cutting edge” of the fishing tackle industry.

The Northland Fishing Tackle® Team has some of the best promotional fishermen in the industry such as Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson, Jason Mitchell, Brad Hawthorne, Joel Nelson, and Nick Lindner to showcase our innovative shapes, colors, and designs. Our Pro Staff and professionals spend hundreds of days each year on the water and are the backbone of our organization. Our social media channels reach millions of people across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Our content-rich Northland Fishing Tackle website serves as a home base for new product information and an excellent resource for fishing tips, tricks, and hacks.


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