Swimbait Jig Fishing Tips: Swimbait fishing is a great way to catch a variety of fish including bass, walleyes and pike. In this video, Craig and Charlie Peterson share some swimbait jig fishing tips with the NEW! Northland Elite Series Mimic Swim Jig.

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The Mimic Swim Jig utilizes the iconic shape of Northland’s Mimic Minnow in a heavy duty offering. It features a heavy duty Gamakatsu hook that’s sharpness and strength won’t let you down when driving hooks home on trophy bass, walleye, and pike. The Mimic Swim jig’s 60° tie eye allows it to slide through cover like cabbage and coontail where the big fish live. Lead and wire bait keepers help provide balance to the jig for superior action and locks on your favorite plastics like large swimbaits. Tie one on and get ready to set the hook!

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