Mimic Minnow Swim Jig

New Mimic Minnow Swim Jig combines Northland Fishing Tackle’s iconic sculpted head and performance with a precision Gamakatsu hook.

BEMIDJI, Minn. (July 28, 2022) – Swimbait fishing has its origins on the southern reservoirs of California. Back in the 80’s, anglers learned to mimic the looks and locomotion of trout. Why? Like stripers on mid-state reservoirs, gigantic black bass realize the full-meal-deal these stocked fish provide.


Over time, bassers around the country applied the presentation to their local quarry, regardless if trout were on the menu, because swimbaits can emulate everything from bluegills to shiners and shad.


Now, improving on what the market has to offer, Northland introduces the Mimic Swim Jig. This best-of-class swimbait jig is established on the cosmetics and effectiveness of the original Mimic Minnow Jig, which has been a multispecies darling for years. The Mimic Minnow Swim Jig commences on an authentic looking, sculpted jighead. The bait-shaped and detailed jighead features realistic eyeballs and flared gills, and its 60-degree line-tie promotes an even-keel action and ability to find its way through cover like cabbage and coontail.

Mimic Swim Jig (Bluegill)

Separating it from the pack, the extraordinary heavy-duty jighead is outfitted with a premium Gamakatsu hook, which is noticeably sharp and extremely strong for hearty hooksets. You’ll also appreciate the Mimic Minnow Swim Jig’s unique double bait keeper. The base keeper is forged into the jighead. Next, Northland added a stout wire keeper to amplify the Mimic Minnow Swim Jig’s ability to hold plastics in place.


Northland pro Craig Peterson offers his take on swimbait fishing with the new Mimic Minnow Swim Jig: “Swimbaits are great for long casts and covering a lot of water, like big weed flats. You can also run them along the outside weed edge just as effectively.”


“I fish heavier size Mimic Minnow Swim Jigs – like a ½- or ¾-ouncer – when I want to fish it fast or deep,” added Peterson. “The lighter and smaller ¼- and 3/8-ounce sizes are better for fishing slower and with more finesse. The lighter versions also work well for pounding shallow banks.”

Swimbait Fishing Tips & Tactics (Click to Watch)

Peterson has color preferences in specific situations, too. He likes darker patterns such as Black and Green Pumpkin in darker water, as they produce the natural shadowed silhouette bass experience in real life. In clearer conditions, he selects the brownish gold Walleye pattern. He says Smelt, a whitish pattern, produces just about anywhere. And to match-the-hatch, he picks Bluegill when bass are feeding on young-of-the-year and juvenile sunfish.


In Peterson’s experience, it’s wise to look for what’s finning and creeping around the boat landing – like baitfish, bluegills, and crayfish – and emulate the size and coloration. As well, he suggests paying attention to what a landed bass might upchuck and match it.

Paddletails and soft jerkbaits are proven pairings with the Mimic Minnow Swim Jig. As a rule, you want to match up jig size with the appropriate bait length to give it an authentic baitfish profile and promote smooth swimming. Coordinating colors is the most popular process, too. For example, employing dark-patterned plastics with a Black Mimic Minnow Swim Jig, or white to silvers with a Smelt jighead. That said, don’t be afraid to contrast colors for extra pop.


Swimbaits were concocted for bass fishing, but savvy walleye anglers have also tapped the tactic. Patterns like Perch, Sexy Shad, and Purple Shad sport combinations of favored walleye colors. Consider pairing them with aggressive plastic colors like chartreuse, blue and something purplish.

Mimic Swim Jig (Green Pumpkin)
Mimic Swim Jig (Black)
Mimic Swim Jig (Perch)
Mimic Swim Jig (Shad)
Mimic Swim Jig (Walleye)
Mimic Swim Jig (Purple Shad)
Mimic Swim Jig (Sexy Shad)

Northland’s new Mimic Minnow Swim Jig is available in 4 sizes and 8 tested colors. Sizes include ¼-, 3/8-, ½-, and ¾-ounce. Colors include Black, Smelt, Walleye, Perch, Bluegill, Sexy Shad, Green Pumpkin, and Purple Shad. Sold 2 per pack. MSRP is $6.49.


Available now, the Mimic Minnow Swim Jig will be a surefire addition to your tackle arsenal.