Northland Tackle Fire Ball Jigs.

Many times, in early season open water fishing you will find the walleyes in very shallow water, it may be inches to a couple of feet of water. Most of the time it will also be a rocky shoreline.

One of the problems you will have is reaching these fish without spooking them. If we go with too light of a jig like a 1/16th oz. for example, we can’t get the distance needed casting towards these fish. If we go too heavy of a jig it will drop too fast and we will snag in the rocks.

What you may want to try is making your jig more naturally buoyant. If you go with a 1/8th oz. Fire-ball® Jig rigged with a minnow or a jig rigged with plastic and 8-pound mono line you will be able to cast a fair distance and slow down your jigs fall because mono floats. This works great in flat water.

When you do want your jig to drop faster maybe in windy conditions go with a braided line in a 4-pound test or so. Good fishing!

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