Soft plastic swimbaits and jig heads.

If you’re looking to add another tactic to your walleye fishing arsenal, swimbaits are one of the best baits going! Favorites are Northland Impulse® Core Swimbaits, Impulse® Paddle Shads, and Impulse® Paddle Minnows teamed up with either an RZ Jig or a Slurp!® Jig Head. Pssst… I find them a deadly combination for casting on Devils Lake and most places walleye swim.

Experiment with jig size from 1/8oz to 1/2oz. depending on retrieve speed and depth. Swimbaits excel at covering water and searching for active fish. I find they select some large fish! My favorite areas are large flats and weed areas in the 3′-10′ depths.

Make sure to have room in your tackle box and join the Swimbait Craze! It’s a fun way to fish and will definitely add some walleyes to your day.

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