Bemidji, Minn.—Cutting-edge UV-enhanced lure finishes that absorb and reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays are helping savvy anglers catch more fish across the continent, and Northland is leading the charge with a growing contingent of optically brightened jigs, spoons, and spinners.

“I’m a skeptic when it comes to new lure colors and finishes, but after extensive testing, I believe UV enhancements honestly help catch more fish,” says veteran Devils Lake guide and Team Northland® pro-staffer Jason Mitchell. “At times, having a UV-brightened bait can make the difference between five fish and 20.”

In fact, when Northland began designing its hot new Pro-Walleye Series spinner rigs, Mitchell was so convinced that he made a compelling case for UV coatings, which gather and reflect ambient ultraviolet light to attract nearby gamefish.

However, Mitchell is quick to caution that, like glow paints, metallic finishes, and other lure treatments, there’s a time and place where UV shines. “It’s gotta be daylight with compromised visibility,” he explains, noting that algae blooms, cloud cover, suspended sediments, and tannic stains all qualify. “UV excels in deep water, too. I’ve had great success pulling UV spinners in depths of 30 feet or more.”

The key? UV enhancements harness the sun’s ultraviolet light to optically brighten lure colors, making them easier for fish to see in an otherwise gloomy world. “As long as there’s daylight and something to diffuse it, UV is a factor,” says Mitchell.

Northland’s open-water UV lineup includes the new RZ Jig, Tungsten Fire-Ball® UV Jig, UV Buck-Shot® Spoon, UV Forage Minnow® Spoon, and the Pro-Walleye Series Micro-Blade Spinner, Long-Shank Spinner, Crawler Harness, and Float’n Crawler Harness. UV-brightened color patterns run the rainbow from Glo Watermelon and Ruby Red to Bubblegum and UV Fire Perch.


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