We show you how to hook a shiner minnow, this will allow you to fish through heavy cover, and brush, to catch more walleyes. This will stop you from getting tangled and create a weedless presentation to catch more fish.

The shiner minnow is one of the most popular walleye baits in the world and it’s hard to argue its effectiveness year-round even in the toughest conditions. One questions anglers have pondered for many years is what is the most effective way to hook my shiner minnow, especially when I’m around weeds and cover. These minnows aren’t cheap, and I don’t want to be losing one every other cast.

Using the double hook method you keep your bait relatively weedless and also stay hooked even when aggressively jigging. Go through the mouth and out the gill. Push the collar of the jig in, turn the minnow slightly and work the hook point in from the belly and up to the back. This method also pushes the minnow up further on the jig as well so shorter striking fish are still going to get hooked.

You can hide the hook or poke the point out depending on where and how you’re fishing and also depending on the mood of the fish. This method is easy once you’ve tried it a few times and will guarantee you catch more fish and lose fewer minnows.
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