Lively big-bait performance in bite-sized profiles

They are small in stature but big on results!


Live Forage Mini Swimbaits


Bemidji, Minn. –Looks can be deceiving, especially when NORTHLAND’S LIVE-FORAGE® MINI SWIMBAITS are on the menu. To capture nature’s lifelike array of baitfish motion and appearance, NORTHLAND designed their LIVE-FORAGE® MINI SWIMBAITS series to not simply resemble, but actually replicate the little fish that bigger fish eat.

Minnows and young-of-the-year forage fish school for protection against larger predators, coordinating their fleeting movements in a flashing ballet of twitches and turns, dashes and pauses. It works until predators explode onto the scene, sending individual baitfish scurrying in all directions, every fish for itself.

“NORTHLAND’S new Replica Series™ of LIVE-FORAGE® MINI SWIMBAITS are hand-sculpted with true-to-life profiles and lifelike swimming actions,” says Team Northland® Walleye Wizard Travis Peterson. “They are internally weighted for castability and performance, and sport a seductive wobbling PaddleTail™ that comes to life, even at slow swimming speeds. Their holographic HD FishPhoto-Image® patterns and dead-on profiles replicate baitfish to perfection, even when motionless. Flashfoil™ interiors on the Shiner patterns shimmer with lifelike iridescence, while the other patterns boast incredibly detailed scale and color patterns. Whether you swim them at a moderate pace over weeds or rocks or drag them slowly along the bottom, they are deadly for Walleye, Crappie, Perch, Bass, Trout, and all fish that eat minnows.”

LIVE-FORAGE™ SWIMBAITS come in 9 Ultra-Realistic Baitfish-Image® profiles and 10 HD Fish-Photo Image® realistic forage patterns that match the hatch for whatever bigger fish are feeding on. And they’re available in 2”, 1/8-oz. versions for fish like slab crappies, bull bluegills, and trout; and 2 1-/2”, ¼-oz. models for gamefish with larger mouths and bigger appetites. A single Premium Mustad® Ultra-Point hook ensures there’s plenty of exposed hook gap to set deep and hold on the strike, even when fished on light tackle and wispy 5-lb. test NORTHLAND BIONIC® monofilament PANFISH LINE.

Avoid the hassle and expense of live bait. NORTHLAND’S LIVE-FORAGE® MINI SWIMBAITS are the perfect snack attack when a morsel is better than a mouthful. Look for their distinctive yellow fish profile packaging wherever fine fishing tackle is sold, and never worry about running out of live bait again!


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 For more information, contact Eric Naig, Northland Fishing Tackle®, 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723

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