Are they alive, or just pretending? Fish can’t tell the difference!

They look and swim just like the real thing!

Live Forage Swimbaits


Bemidji, Minn. –They wiggle. They wobble. They swim like live baitfish. And even up close and personal, they’re so realistic, fish still believe they’re the real deal.

NORTHLAND’S LIVE-FORAGE® MAXI SWIMBAITS might even fool you when you first see them in the water. That’s because the resident fish heads at Northland Fishing Tackle® designed them to not only resemble, but actually replicate the smaller fish that bigger fish eat. Speaking of fish heads–even the heads wiggle on these babies. So you get lively action at both the nose and the tail.

Replica Series™MAXI SWIMBAITS are hand-sculpted with true-to-life profiles and lifelike swimming actions,” says Duane Peterson of the Team Northland® Pro Staff. “Their holographic HD FishPhoto-Image® patterns and detailed profiles match common baitfish species to perfection. The Shiner patterns have Flashfoil™ interiors that shimmer with lifelike iridescence. And the other species are so incredibly detailed and realistic, it’s almost like you plucked them out of the water and dressed them on a hook, except that they already come pre-rigged for convenience.

Every LIVE-FORAGE® MAXI SWIMBAIT is internally weighted for easy casting and peak performance. The rudder-like, wobbling PaddleTail™ brings baits to life, even at slow swimming speeds, and keeps them tracking straight and true without line twist. Swim them at a moderate pace over weeds or rocks, or drag them slowly along the bottom, for Walleye, Pike, large Trout, even Muskies—just about anything with a big mouth and a bad attitude.”

Marty Glorvigan pro angler with a northern pike
Marty Glorvigan, Pro Staff

LIVE-FORAGE® MAXI SWIMBAITS come in 9 Ultra-Realistic Baitfish Image® profiles and 10 HD Fish-Photo Image™ realistic forage patterns that match the hatch for whatever baitfish species bigger fish are feeding on. And they’re available in a 3 1/4”, 3/8-oz. version; plus a 4”, 1/2-oz. magnum model for a real mouthful. A single premium Mustad® Ultra-Point hooks up top teams with a hidden BellyButton™ treble at the belly to stick, hook and hold on tight.

If these natural wonders look unnaturally familiar, that’s because LIVE-FORAGE® MAXI SWIMBAITS deliver the same seductive profiles and actions for larger gamefish as their downsized MINI counterparts do for panfish and smaller trout. It’s just that sometimes, bigger is better. Especially for catching bigger fish!

The Replica Series™ of MAXI SWIMBAITS avoids the hassle and expense of live bait. It’s almost like having your own personal baitfish supply, on demand. And they’re so realistic, even their distinctive fish profile packaging looks like the real thing!


Eric Naig, Vice President Sales & Marketing, [email protected], (218) 751-6723
Kyle Waterman, Marketing Coordinator, [email protected], (218) 751-6723

For more information, contact Eric Naig, Northland Fishing Tackle®, 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. The phone is (218) 751-6723

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