Excite the bite when walleye fishing slows to a crawl


Bemidji, Minn. – As a kid, you perhaps picked your own nightcrawlers to use as live bait. Today, you probably buy them by the dozens at local bait shops, taking pains to keep them cool, moist, and alive.

If you long for a better solution than storing live ‘crawlers in the family refrigerator, somewhere between the milk and yesterday’s meatloaf, we have the answer. Namely, lively ‘crawler Action, Color, Scent, and Profile, in soft plastic designs that require no refrigeration or special care, and are always ready to fish, wherever and whenever you choose.

“The IMPULSE® CRAWLER series is a walleye fisherman’s dream,” says Eric Naig, Team Northland® Pro-Staffer. “The JIG CRAWLER is the finesse jig-worm fisherman’s favorite. It has a 3 ½” long, ribbed nightcrawler body for maximum scent distribution, and sports realistic ‘Creepin’ Grub-Legs’ that dance and wave to tease, torment, and entice reluctant biters into striking. The flat bottom promotes gliding retrieves when rigged flat-side-down on a lightweight RZ® Jig. And the flattened tail tends to float up, enhancing its undulating, swimming motion. While soft and flexible, it’s also thick and durable enough to take a beating. Fish ‘em aggressively to impart erratic action and accentuate their seductive action.

Tony Roach with an Impulse Soft Plastic walleye
Tony Roach, Pro Staff

“The IMPULSE® NIGHTCRAWLER is specifically designed to duplicate the natural swimming action, look, feel and smell of a live nightcrawler. The 6” long, thin, oval-shaped body profile, spurred by its ActionCup™ paddle tail, makes the worm wiggle and squirm just like the real thing, whether gently caressed behind a live bait rig, or trolled at a faster pace behind a bottom bouncer and spinner combo. Every time your spinner or rig stops and starts, it imparts a ‘dying nightcrawler spinout’ as the worm first contracts, then extends again. It’s about the most lifelike action you could ever imagine in soft plastic baits.”

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® JIG CRAWLER AND NIGHTCRAWLER come in realistic 3 fish-catching colors ranging from natural to innovative core-shot patterns to match any watercolor or clarity conditions. JIG CRAWLERS are packaged 10 per resealable “Zip-Lock” bag, and NIGHTCRAWLERS 8 per package. They’re Super-Charged with baked-in MircoPlankton™ formula IMPULSE® Attractant, proven in independent laboratory tests to be 143% more effective than the leading brand. Fish inhale them, clamp down, and simply refuse to let go.

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® JIG CRAWLER AND NIGHTCRAWLER haul in big fish like there’s no tomorrow. Better try some today!


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For more information, contact Eric Naig, Northland Fishing Tackle®, 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. The phone is (218) 751-6723

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