Looked, tasted, and felt as real as it smelt

They are like sushi gone wild!


Bemidji, Minn. – Large fish like walleyes, bass, and stripers often suspend beneath schools of silvery baitfish, or wait alongside structure for schools of suspended bait to swim by. Then they attack from below, sending the school fleeing in all directions, even as wounded minnows twitch and flutter helplessly downward to their demise. Intercepted during their dying flutter by hungry predators below, they seldom reach the bottom.

The wild, twitching action of a wounded or dying smelt or shad is nature’s call to the dinner table. Brief, intense feeding ensues, because fish mean serious business during the fray. If you imitate the seductive vulnerability of injured suspended baitfish, you can trigger aggressive responses from many species of gamefish. And now you can!

“Northland’s IMPULSE® SMELT MINNOW is designed with a sleek aerodynamic minnow profile, and features flat sides and an undulating WhaleTail™ to provide an erratic darting action when you impart a series of rod tip twitches to the bait,” says Team Northland® Pro-Staffer Scott Glorvigen, co-host of Wired2Fish. “The tail action generated is absolutely wild! It also appears like a distressed smelt, shiner, fluke, or shad when jigged or dropped on a free-fall. And, if you simply swim it at a steady pace, it turns into a stealthy, do-nothing option. It’s one of the most versatile and productive soft baits you can have in your tackle box.

Scott & Marty Glorvigan with two big walleyes caught on the Impulse Smelt Minnow
Scott(l) & Marty Glorvigan, Pro Staff

“And they’re easy to use. Simply dress an IMPULSE® SMELT MINNOW on an RZ Jig®, Eye-Ball®, or Slurp! ®Jig, and thread it down tight to the head. The barbed collar will lock it in place, perfect for twitching, fluttering, swimming, or jigging retrieves. Select the proper jig weight for the depth and retrieve style, and you’re in business. Rig it right-side-up for aggressive twitching, or flat-back down to achieve a subtler swimming motion.”

NORTHLAND’S Soft & Chewy IMPULSE® 3” and 4” SMELT MINNOWS are packaged 10 and 8 per resealable “Zip-Lock” bag and are ideal for catching nearly all species of fish, from big crappies to hawg walleyes and lunker bass. They come in 6 realistic scaled baitfish patterns, most with laminate sheens that replicate the reflective sides of silvery baitfish. They are super-charged with baked-in MircoPlankton™ formula IMPULSE® Attractant and have been proven 143% more effective than the leading brand. And they have a 100% retention rate, so they pack their punch all day long.

The deadly effectiveness of IMPULSE® 3” and 4” SMELT MINNOWS is no fluke—although they definitely look like one! Constructed from soft Scent Dispersing Plastic™, they’re like sensory sushi on steroids!


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