They slither through the water with undulating action


Bemidji, Minn. – Live leeches have always been known for their seductive swimming actions that drive fish wild. But the problem is, they’re also notoriously difficult to obtain during certain seasons, particularly outside walleye areas where live bait rigging is popular. Then again, capturing the quintessential slithering action of a leech in soft plastic has proven darned near impossible. Until now!

Stop the presses and avoid the stresses! All your leech problems and challenges have just been solved!

Northland Fishing Tackle Impulse Riggin' and Jiggin' LeechNorthland Fishing Tackle® is proud to introduce their new IMPULSE® JIGGIN’ LEECH and RIGGIN’ LEECH to the fishing market. They combine all of the positive aspects of lively leech action and attraction with the convenience of soft plastic baits that are available year-round, wherever you fish.

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® JIGGIN’ LEECH and RIGGIN’ LEECH is the most lifelike and effective artificial leech series ever designed,” says Team Northland® Pro-Staffer Tony Roach, professional Mille Lacs fishing guide and leech fishing expert. “The 3 ½” JIGGIN’ LEECH has an oversized head and slightly thicker body to accommodate and grab the barbed collar on an RZ® Jig, so it won’t rip off or slide down the hook. Plus a wafer-thin body for classic leech swimming action along the bottom. It’s great for drop-shotting, too.

Steve Mattson with a walleye he caught on the Impulse Rig'N Leech
Steve Mattson, Pro Staff

“The longer 4 ½’ RIGGIN’ LEECH is thin at the head and midsection for delicate nose-hooking and lively swimming action, with a thicker tail to add flotation. It’s designed to swim more freely, making it the perfect choice for livebait rigging at slow speeds. It works great at slightly faster spinner trolling speeds, too. Both baits are fortified with instinctual IMPULSE® Attractant, making them not only look but smell and taste real as well. They’re perfect for catching walleyes, smallmouth, or any species that love leeches. And they excite the bite with Scent, Color, and Action!”

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® JIGGIN’ LEECH AND RIGGIN’ LEECH come in four colors designed to match all water clarity conditions. JIGGIN’ LEECHES come 12 per package, and RIGGIN’ LEECHES are available for 10 per resealable “Zip-Lock” bag. Both are infused with MicroPlankton® formula IMPULSE® Attractant, proven 143% more effective than the leading brand, with a 100% retention rate to keep your leeches sensual, savory, and seductive all day long.

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE® JIGGIN’ LEECH AND RIGGIN’ LEECH, for when fish are piggin’ out on leeches.


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