Joel Nelson breaks down the Northland crankbait lineup from top-to-bottom, including the Rumble Shad, Rumble Bug, Rumble Shiner, Rumble Stick, and the Rumble B.

Northland created the ultimate line of crankbaits to match every scenario, every forage, ever technique. Whether it’s casting to rip rap banks, trolling long lined stickbaits, or pulling planer boards the Rumble series has an answer.

Featuring both balsa and abs plastic baits you get a wide range of sizes, colors, profiles, and actions that are sure to perform. These baits were meticulously crafted and put to the test by some of the top walleye anglers in the world who all agree that these baits put more fish in the boat.

Northland wanted to offer professional level tournament ready baits that the every day angler could get their hands on and trust that with Northland’s legendary reputation they were getting the most out of their hard earned money.

Everything about these baits is premium, from our sticky sharp trebles to the hardware that supports them every single bait is tank tested and tuned to absolute perfection so you don’t have to spend precious time on the water adjusting and tuning your baits.

For further information and to learn some walleye fishing tips from our pros on how they are using the Rumble Series of crankbaits, check out these articles:

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