Bemidji, Minn.—Blade slingers rejoice! Northland expanded its already extensive selection of spinner rigging components with a hard-thumping lineup of lightweight, stamped, and lifelike blades capable of covering a wide range of fishing conditions.

To span the spectrum of rigging scenarios, the rollout includes a new series of metallic-finish Deep-Cup Colorado Blades, plus ultra-realistic, holographic Baitfish-Image® Indiana Blades and Baitfish-Image® Colorado Blades.

Deep-Cup Colorado Blades come in proven walleye-producing metallic finishes including smooth and shimmery Gold and Nickel finishes, plus the dimpled, hammered look of Hex Brass, Hex Copper, and Hex Nickel for times when finicky walleyes demand increased surface area and enhanced reflection.

“The slow-rotating, Deep-Cup Colorado design maximizes flash, sound, and vibration even at super-slow speeds,” explains walleye ace and Team Northland® pro-staffer Scott Glorvigen. “They’re perfect whenever you need to dial back your trolling pace without sacrificing thump and flash.” Deep-Cup Colorado Blades are available in #2, #3, and #4 sizes at an MSRP of $1.99.

Baitfish-Image® Colorado Blades share the deep-cup design and slow-spinning, heavy thumping properties, with the addition of Northland’s holographic Baitfish-Image® finishes, which create maximum flash and lifelike reflections. Available in 11 match-the-hatch colors including Cisco Purple and Silver Shiner, Baitfish-Image® Colorado Blades come in #2 through #6 sizes. MSRP runs $2.99 to $3.99 per 3.

Indiana blades are revered for their narrower profile and a shallower angle of rotation, which generates a bit less vibration but boosts both trolling speed and flash factor. Northland’s Baitfish-Image® Indiana Blades feature a sleek, aerodynamic design ideal for medium speeds. “They’re perfect when you need to pick up the pace and increase flash,” says Glorvigen. The new Indiana blades are available in size #4 and nine colors. MSRP is $2.99 per 3.

Another new addition to Northland’s component contingent is the Speed Clevis, which fuels fast, easy blade changes. Made from lightweight wire, it also reduces line friction, allowing the blade to spin at slower speeds. Available in #1 and #2 sizes with an MSRP of $1.79 and $1.99 per 10.

Sizes Suggested Retail Slow-Turning, Deep-Cup Colorado Blades
#1 to #6 $2.19 to $4.39 Indiana Blades For Medium Speeds
Metallic And Baitfish-Image® Finishes
Speed Clevis Simplifies Blade Changes

Metallic And Baitfish-Image® finishes

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