Nick Lindner shares his top 7 ice fishing lures that he leaned on the hardest during the 2021/2022 ice fishing season, including some excellent spoon, hard bait, and tungsten jig options.

As tungsten has taken over the bluegill and crappie scene anglers have learned that it’s a superior option in most situations and Northland has developed options that appeal to even a finesse angler in a tough bite allowing them to downsize while maintaining control over the presentation and get back down to fish faster.

Spoon fishing has played a legendary role in ice fishing for nearly all species from bluegills and crappie to walleye and perch there are few baits more versatile in a tackle box during the winter season. Northland has designed a lineup of spoons that meet the needs of all anglers whether they want to rattle, go stealth, flutter, bottom bounce, upsize or go small. There are very few times an ice angler should leave home without one tied on.

Horizontal jigging and gliding baits have become more popular in targeting large and active fish. They swing wide and “cover more water” so to speak than other traditional methods of jigging and will often entice the largest fish in the area to attack violently almost instinctually. As the technique has grown in popularity new styles and modificiations have been made to better suit a variety of conditions.

Northland Fishing Tackle Products Used:

Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon

Forage Minnow Spoon

Forage Minnow Jig

Puppet Minnow

Buck-Shot Coffin Spoon

Tungsten Punch Fly

Tungsten Gill-Getter Jig

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