The Rumble Bug crankbait comes in 1 size and 15 fish-catching colors. Balsa body formed with Heat Compression Molding (HCM) & Welded Through-Wire Construction from the tie eye to the tail. Gamefish can’t pass up this irresistible snack-size profile.

Casting and trolling crankbaits is a tried and true method for catching walleyes and other predator species throughout the year however it is often overlooked in cold water situations in favor of smaller, slower, more finesse options. The Rumble Bug shines where big cranks may struggle in still searching out active fish and covering water but providing a slightly more “snackable” profile that fish are more willing to eat even in lethargic situations.

The Rumble Bug also shines around the presence of young and small baitfish, when prey like shad and juvenile perch school up they become easy targets for opportunistic walleye who gorge themselves on these baitfish often times keying in very specifically to a particular size and shape of what they are feeding on. When matching the hatch becomes a necessity it’s hard to choose anything other than the Rumble Bug and its seductive wobble and universal profile.

For a full look at the Rumble Bug crankbait and to get insight from Brian ‘Bro’ Brosdahl check out this article.

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