Tournament Tested Walleye Rigs that Rule
It hauls in the load!

Northland Fishing Tackle MR. WALLEYE CRAWLER HAULERBemidji, MN – Nobody tinkers and modifies lures to catch more and bigger walleye than Mr. Walleye® himself, Gary Roach. With his years of experience, the legendary walleye angler partnered with Team Northland® to produce the most lethal live bait spinner rig in the country for extracting lunker walleyes from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. It’s called the…MR.WALLEYE® CRAWLER HAULER!

The MR.WALLEYE® CRAWLER HAULER was designed tournament tough on the Professional Walleye Trail®, and features a pair of hand snelled Matzuo® Needle-Point hooks on a durable 48″ – 17 lb. Trilene® XT leader. Meaty #6 facetted beads create a highly reflective profile, while a bold new series of “metallic” hexagon FishScale™ attractor blades spin to provide maximum flash and vibration to lure fish from a wide radius.

“The MR.WALLEYE® CRAWLER HAULER is built with quality components and has the whole package for spinning-up big walleyes with crawlers”, says TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro Gary Roach. “It is deadly on the Great Lakes, in the large reservoirs, as well as the smaller walleye fisheries throughout North America. The new “metallic” FishScale™ attractor blades with “hex” scales reflect light like no others I have ever used. Walleyes come from all directions to hammer this exciting new nightcrawler harness.”

The MR.WALLEYE® CRAWLER HAULER was tournament-tested by Gary Roach and the legendary TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro-Staff, and available in 10 hot new proven color patterns.


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