Thumper® Jig

Northland Fishing Tackle®, one of the country’s leading producers of jigs, live bait rigs, spinners, spoons and soft plastics introduces a newly designed series of spinner jigs to its product line for 2006 called . . . the Thumper® Jig.

The Thumper® Jig, originally introduced in 2001, has now undergone a total face lift. It has been redesigned with a sleek, sculptured minnow head, and features a deadly “thumper” belly blade that flashes and flutters to lure ‘em in . . . and turn ‘em on. Blood red Lip-Stick® wounded bait hooks and a specially designed “double-barb” bait-holding collar securely hold soft plastic trailers and live bait on the hook. It’s the ultimate spinner jig!

“The Thumper® Jig is one of the most versatile and lethal fish producers I have ever used!” says Pro-Angler Jim Bell. “I rig em’ with plastics or live bait and jig em’, or slowly swim em’ in and around structure areas of rocks, weeds, brush and timber. That deadly “thumper” belly blade flashes and adds pulsating vibration to turn ‘em on. It flickers, flashes, flutters and fools ’em.”

The Thumper® Jig is available in five sizes and six hot, new Baitfish-Image® patterns for 2006. They are lethal for Perch, Crappie, Bass and Walleye.


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For more information contact Northland Fishing Tackle®, Inc., 1001 Naylor Dr. SE, Bemidji, MN. 56601. Phone is 218-751-6723

“It Flickers, Flashes & Fools ‘Em!”

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