“I’ve got Tapeworms!”

Picky panfish can’t get enough of them!



Bemidji, MN – This is the one tapeworm that’s actually good for you—especially when it’s rigged on a micro ice jig and presented to panfish. That goes double for palm-stretching panfish that in an instant would consume bellyfuls of the new gummy soft IMPULSE® TAPEWORM from Northland Fishing Tackle®. Packed with scent, flavor and tail-wagging action, the IMPULSE® TAPEWORM gives big crappies, sunfish, perch and trout plenty of reasons to bite. This little morsel looks and swims just like a real aquatic worm or leech. It even smells, feels and tastes like actual fish forage!

“The IMPULSE® TAPEWORM is custom designed to mimic natural larvae and the various stages of hatching insects,” says TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro and tournament champion Tony Boshold. “Like a live bloodworm or leech, it is designed with “true-to-life” cilia and aquatic hair to undulate and swim like a live worm. Its ultra lifelike design and sleek elongated worm body and thumping tail lure fish from afar, while the IMPULSE® instinctual attractant excites the bite and seals the deal!”

Tony Boshold, Pro Staff

Formed from the softest plastic, sporting the most detailed aquatic worm shape, and brewed with the most advanced scent on the market, trophy panfish eat the IMPULSE® TAPEWORM and hang on for dear life. In an independent laboratory study, IMPULSE® was proven 143% more effective than other leading brands of soft plastics. The secret instinctual attractant stirs up powerful cravings in fish—they eat ‘em up, so you can hook every bite! Never before has a soft plastic bait combined all primary fish-attracting features—natural shape, action, color and scent—into one lip-smacking formula.

Micro plastics are the hottest baits on the ice fishing scene, but only IMPULSE® seamlessly blends natural shape, color, action and scent. Fish see ‘em, sniff ‘em, bite ‘em and hold ‘em! With a natural, flowing 1-inch wafer-thin body, the marshmallow-soft IMPULSE® TAPEWORM comes in 6 down-to-earth colors. Sealed in 10-pack bags, IMPULSE® REACTIONARY BAITS excite the bite and seal the deal!


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