Northland dealt it, monster panfish definitely “Smelt” it

Action and scent-rich IMPULSE MINI SMELT
They are easily mistaken for real minnows!

Northland Impulse Mini Smelt soft plastic
Impulse® Mini Smelt


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Bemidji, MN – What makes tiny live minnows so appealing to platter-sized crappies, perch, and sunfish? Is it the lively action? Alluring colors? Soft texture, you ask? How about appetizing scent and flavor? If you answered all the above, give yourself a bonus hookset—you’ve just described the awesome new IMPULSE® MINI SMELT, part of Northland Fishing Tackle’s radical series of IMPULSE® REACTIONARY BAITS. Molded with the softest plastic and most detailed natural baitfish shape and blended with a superior fish attractant, the IMPULSE® MINI SMELT boasts a 100-percent eat-and-hold rate—fish strike and hang on, so you hook every bite!

Yellow Perch caught on an Impulse Mini Smelt“The IMPULSE® MINI SMELT is the finesse panfish angler’s favorite forage,” says TEAM NORTHLAND® Pro-Staff and famed Pan-Man, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “It mimics a vulnerable “young-of-the-year” minnow fry to perfection. Molded from soft plastic and measuring only 1-inch in length, the IMPULSE® MINI SMELT sports a dolphin-shaped GliderTail™ that darts glides, and swims like a fleeing minnow when jigged or dropped on the freefall. Its sleek, flat-sided profile jukes and jives to lure fish from afar, while the IMPULSE® attractant turns the lookers into biters!”

Bro catches a crappie on the Impulse Mini Smelt when ice fishing
Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, Pro Staff

Whenever Bro and the other top anglers from TEAM NORTHLAND® hunt for trophy sunfish, slab crappies, or pounder perch, you can bet they’re rigged and ready with an IMPULSE® MINI SMELT. Its baby baitfish profile and panfish-producing colors bring ‘em in close. A few quick shakes of the rod tip get the micro-minnow body dancing and shapely tail quivering, which signals “Bite me! I taste great!” And bite it they do, sniffing, tasting, and hanging on for dear life. IMPULSE®’s magical and mystical instinctual attractant is so powerful, in fact, that lab tests proved it to be 143% more effective than the leading soft plastic brands on the market. Put IMPULSE®’s superior shapes, colors, and scent technology to work— you’ll hook every bite!

Microplastics are the hottest baits on the ice fishing scene, but only IMPULSE® seamlessly blends Scent, Action, and Color. Fish see ‘em, sniff ‘em, bite ‘em and hold ‘em! Mega soft and chewy 1-inch IMPULSE® SMELT baitfish bodies are poured into 8 enticing colors that draw strikes from even the most stubborn panfish. Rig one with a “Bug-Eyed” Bro Bug® Head or new tungsten HARD-ROCK® MOOSKA. Stored in sealable bags, IMPULSE® REACTIONARY BAITS excite the bite and seal the deal!


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