Bemidji, Minn. – When it’s time to go fishing, you need to be rigged and ready. You don’t want to waste precious time threading beads and components and tying spinner harnesses. Either rig them up on dry land before you go… or better yet, let us do it for you!


At NORTHLAND, we know that choosing the right blend of balanced components is critical to fishing success. That’s where our trio of IMPULSE® RIG’N TAILS takes center stage. We pre-selected the correct beads, blades, hooks, and clevises you need, and even snelled them on the right type and length of the line. Then we added a seductive softbait, eliminating the hassle of adding live bait into the mix. Basically, we did all the work in advance, so you can focus on catching fish and having fun.

First up, the IMPULSE RIGGED 3” MINNOW is designed with a sleek, aerodynamic minnow profile. It has flat sides and an undulating, fathead-minnow-colored Whale TailTM to mimic the erratic action of a distressed baitfish. The bait is internally rigged on a single #2 hook, allowing plenty of exposed points to ensure good hookups. And it comes in a choice of 4 Baitfish-Image® forage-imitating blades teamed with complementary bead colors.

At 4-1/2” in length, our black IMPULSE RIGGED JUMBO LEECH is designed with a flat, wafer-thin ribbed torso and buoyant, super-sensitive tail that undulates and swims like a live leech. Also internally rigged on a single #2 hook, it is threaded on with just a hint of curvature to accentuate the wobbling action imparted by the rotating blade.

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE RIGGED 6” NIGHTCRAWLER is specifically designed to duplicate the seductive swimming action, look, feel and smell of a live nightcrawler. Propelled into action by the whirling blade, its oval-shaped torso, and ActionCupTM tail wiggle and squirm just like the real thing. It, too, is rigged with an ever-so-slight bend to enhance its natural flexing action, using a size #4 hook up front and larger size #2 at mid-body to nail short-strikers.

All IMPULSE® RIG’N TAILS feature NORTHLAND’S exclusive Baitfish-Image® Spinner Harnesses, tied with 48” of 15-pound-test Bionic® monofilament to reduce the wear and tear of a metal clevis rotating on the snell. They come with hard-thumping, size #3 Colorado blades that generate maximum flash, action, and attraction.

Each harness comes pre-rigged with an IMPULSE® soft bait, molded with Northland’s exclusive IMPULSE® Attractant, and fortified with a baked-in MicroPlanktonTM formula proven 143% more effective than the leading brand. Because they don’t slip down the hook, you can work them more aggressively than live bait, pumping your rod tip to pulse the lure and trigger strikes.

NORTHLAND’S IMPULSE RIGGED 3” MINNOW, JUMBO LEECH and  6” NIGHTCRAWLER come rigged and ready to rumble.
Great news for walleye anglers. Bad news for walleyes.


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