Catching Fall Turnover Walleyes: Tyler and Sara Trampe from Sportsman’s Journal TV head out on the water during the fall turnover period and share some valuable tips for patterning fish and putting more walleyes in the boat!

The fall turnover occurs when the surface water temps cool down and begin to mix with the deeper water. Tyler and Sara start the morning fishing deeper with a Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jig paired with a sucker minnow. This strategy produced a handful of fish, but the action was few and far between. Later in the day they relocate to shallower water and switch to a Rippin’ Shad. The reactionary bite showed to be more successful in producing a number of better size walleyes. The Fall Turnover period is one of the most difficult times to locate and catch walleyes consistently. Being mobile and the willingness to change up strategies will help put more walleyes in the boat!


Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jig:

Fall Turnover Walleye Jig

Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jig (Firetiger)


  • Molded with a “short-shank” wide-gap hook
  • Features a sleek “stand-up head” that’s tailor-made for shallow water casting and pitching around weeds, brush & timber
  • Tip with a minnow, leech, or half crawler. The stand-up design raises bait into a natural position, imitating a feeding minnow.


Rippin’ Shad:

Fall Turnover Rippin' Shad

Rippin’ Shad (Gold Black)


  • Internally weighted rattle chamber emits sonic vibration and sonars
  • The flat head design gives a tight wiggling action
  • Designed for vertical jigging or cast and retrieve


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