Northland Fishing Tackle Bro's Bling Jig.


Bemidji, Minn. – Northland Fishing Tackle’s flashy new Bro’s Bling Jig is a flamboyant performer with enough fish-attracting glitz, glitter, and showmanship to make Liberace look like a wallflower.

Aimed at appealing to jumbo panfish and hungry walleyes, this newest addition to the legendary Bro’s Bug Collection hangs horizontally, thanks to a strategically placed dorsal line tie. It also sports a svelte flat belly to fuel strike-provoking glides and darting motions. But hands-down the innovative new jigs’ most noticeable features are its fish-attracting bling.

“Stem to stern, top to bottom, the Bro’s Bling Jig is one ostentatious little lead head,” says the lure’s chief designer and ice fishing icon Brian “Bro” Brosdahl.

A shiny silver attractor blade dangling from a torso-mounted split ring rings the underwater dinner bell, calling fish from afar with ample reflections, flickers, clicks, and flashes. Sparkly glitter sprinkled generously along the body aids in the illusion, luring perch, crappies, bull bluegills, and walleyes in on a string.

“When fish move in to check out the commotion, the jig’s oversized bug eyes and realistic larva shape help seal the deal,” says Brosdahl, noting that the Bro’s Bling Jig works wonders with a variety of tippings. “It’s perfect with scented soft baits like Northland’s new IMPULSE® Water Flea and Skeleton Minnow, or any waxy-like live bait of your choice.”

Bro’s Bling Jigs are available in six fish-catching color patterns, including four optically brightened, UV-enhanced options perfect boosting visibility in low-light conditions. They come in two sizes: 1/16-ounce with #8 hook and 1/8-ounce with #6 hook. Suggested retail is $2.99 per two.

Sizes                                       MSRP             Flashy Flicker Blade, Glitzy Glitter

1/16-ounce, #8 hook           $2.99 per 2        Flat Belly For Gliding, Darting Action

1/8-ounce, #6 hook                                      Oversized Bug Eyes, Lifelike Larva Shape

                                                                     Four Optically Brightened UV Finishes

                                                                     Six Team Northland Color Patterns 



UV White, UV Shrimp, UV Sunrise, UV Parakeet, Black, Bloodworm

Product will be available Fall 2016

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