Spring Post Spawn Walleye Jigging Tips & Tactics

Jigging Spring Walleye

Spring Post Spawn Walleye Jigging Tips & Tactics Brad Hawthorne breaks down a few of his key strategies for catching spring walleyes when you’re battling windy conditions. Shop: Deep-Vee Jigs Northland Fishing Tackle® has taken the jighead world by storm with their new Deep-Vee Jig, an unusually shaped gem with a giant, pronounced and reflective…

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Instant Sensation: The Deep-Vee Jig

Brad Hawthorne Deep-Vee Jig Walleye

Northland’s Deep-Vee jigs offer a unique, hydrodynamic design that just catches fish BEMIDJI, Minn. (May 19, 2022) – Northland Fishing Tackle® has taken the jighead world by storm with their new Deep-Vee Jig, an unusually shaped gem with a giant, pronounced and reflective eye and narrow, hydrodynamic keel design. It also has a wide gap,…

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Building a Better Bucktail

Deep-Vee Bucktail Walleye

With large 3D eyes, flowing bucktail and perfect drop rate, Northland’s Deep-Vee Bucktail is ideal for spring walleyes, bass and crappies. BEMIDJI, Minn. (May 17, 2022) – If you’ve been fishing for any length of time, you undoubtedly realize bucktail jigs catch a ton of fish. In fact, so productive is this basic fishing lure…

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Catch MORE Walleyes for MN Opener 2022 (Tips & Strategies)

Minnesota Walleye Fishing Opener Angler Will Pappenfus

Walleye Opener Tips & Strategies We reached out to a number of hardcore walleye sticks and asked for their best walleye catchin’ advice for anglers fishing the 2022 MN Walleye Opener. Enjoy the A+ info! Shop Walleye Opener Tackle: Walleye Opener Kits | Fire-Ball Jigs | Deep-Vee Jigs | Rumble Series Each year the water…

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Walleye Opener Plan


by Joel Nelson Oh what a year to chase walleyes on the opener. As of now, the photo of a few guys in a boat, dropping jigs on top of a frozen lake is circulating, and there may be some locked up lakes come the Minnesota May opener. Or, for many more, the fishing could…

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How to Catch More Fish on Mimic Minnows + NEW Colors

How To Catch More Fish On Mimic Minnows + New Color

Brian Brosdahl demonstrates how to fish a Mimic Minnow to catch more fish and also showcases some fresh, new colors in the popular line of pre-rigs. Expanding on our success of adding new colors in the new rumble series line we’ve added some very exciting new colors in the famous mimic minnow line. The mimic…

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Governor Taps Profound Walleye Guide

Governor Taps Sagely Walleye Guide

Northland Fishing Tackle and St. Croix Rod pro Tom Neustrom to guide Minnesota Governor Tim Walz at the 2022 Walleye Opener   “The first Governor’s Fishing Opener was celebrated in 1948. According to the Minnesota Historical Society, that’s when the Minneapolis Tribune offered the first in-depth statewide coverage of Opening Day. Gov. Luther Youngdahl often…

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Casting Hair Jigs for Walleyes with Sportsman’s Journal TV

Casting Hair Jigs for Walleyes

Hair Jigs are a great choice for early season walleyes on Green Bay. Knowing when to fish them over other presentations will up your catch rate greatly! Pre-spawn walleyes are notorious for eating hair jigs when the water temps drop and you face frontal conditions. Walleyes want that finesse presentation and the action of the…

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Deep-Vee Bucktail Jigs on Green Bay with Jason Mitchell

Two Anglers holding fish

Jason Mitchell and Green Bay guide Bret Alexander share some productive tips on how to use the Deep-Vee Bucktail jigs for spring walleye. Not all hair jigs are created equal. The subtleness and natural profile of the right hair jig can catch spring walleye when nothing else will. There aren’t many techniques that can catch…

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A Jigging Triad: Pros Speak Out on Their Favorite Jigs

Fishing Angler holding walleye fish

Northland expert jiggers share their jig fishing walleye tips  for more fish this season BEMIDJI, Minn. (April 18, 2022) – When it comes to catching fish—especially walleyes—it’s hard to beat jigging. That means vertical presentations, pitching, slipping, and other creative ways to present a jig and live bait or plastic to the willing walleyes. Speaking…

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