We’re tapping into #TeamNorthland again, this time asking about the 5 biggest walleye fishing mistakes to avoid. They share lots of good advice and some big mistakes that all walleye fishermen need to avoid if they want to catch more walleyes this year.

Starting with Bro who said specifically during ice season anglers will often over drill an area and push fish out. Too much activity overhead can often spook wary walleyes out of an area, especially in shallower flats or basins like Red Lake. Conversely, in open water anglers can pester a school they find to the point of total dispersion of the school which may not return to that area, blowing up the spot.

Joel Nelson says anglers often don’t take into consideration wherein the water column they are fishing and whether they are even close to fishing where the walleye are actually positioned, often times when trolling cranks or pulling spinners. Anglers need to pay attention to where the bottom is and if they are making contact with it to trigger bites. The same could be said about snapping jigs or any other technique, keep the bait near the bottom.

Cody Roswick said one big mistake anglers make especially during tough bites is not watching the rod tip to detect light bites or subtle changes, especially when trolling while Brad Hawthorne says you can’t fall into the trap of fishing memories and need to move with fish in real-time rather than fishing past experiences.

Lastly, don’t waste time fishing unproductive water use your resources like electronics, side imaging, 2D Sonar, stay on the move until you can mark fish or mark active and catch a few. Some schools won’t be as aggressive as others and keeping moving until you can catch fish is an important is key.

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