North Dakota guide Cody Roswick shares his favorite walleye jigs and some walleye jig fishing tips that will help you catch more walleye this fishing season.

Jig fishing excels when you find concentrations of fish on your electronics. Cody uses the RZ Jig as his “every day driver” jig and he keeps multiple rods rigged up with them, but one you might not expect is the Weed Weasel which he can pitch and hop around heavy wood and cover without getting snagged and he’s able to horse fish out of that heavy cover.

Throwing a paddle minnow is another favorite technique year-round for Cody he can cover water down shorelines and around wood when walleyes are shallow. Take the time to properly rig your plastics to ensure you’re getting the most action out of your presentation. This is critical to getting more bites especially in tougher conditions.

Taking it old school, Cody notes the resurgence of the hair jig and how well they work in the current of river systems with the Deep Vee Bucktail Jig he loves these for targeting specifically big fish with a bulky presentation.

Finally, the Rippin’ Minnow comes pre-rigged with the perfect plastic to eliminate the guessing game of what plastics to use, this pairing offers a unique and erratic darting action that can really trigger fish into biting.

Cody says as the year goes on and as he fishes deeper he will up his jig size starting light in the spring with 1/16 and 1/8th oz jigs and as fish move out past ten feet of water he will upsize to 3/16 or 1/4 to make sure he’s able to get down to where those fish live and effectively present his bait.

Use these suggestions to help guide you in your jig fishing success throughout the season and subscribe to our YouTube for more content.

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