The Live-Bait to Plastics Transition for Walleyes

walleye fishing

Perhaps the single quickest abandoned pattern in a walleye angler’s arsenal is the shallow jig bite, and I plead “guilty” to the above charge. Anglers that have six boxes with nothing but jigs in them for opener, forget what part of the garage they’re now in collecting dust. Early in the season, shiners are purchased not by the dozen or the scoop, but by the gallon, as the simple act of just threading one on the correct-sized jig will instill confidence throughout the nor…

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Don’t forget crappies!

spring crappie

By Mike FrischWalleye fishing is just about here! That means lots of anglers who have kept busy fishing crappies during early spring will shift their attention to walleyes. While opening day of the “walleye season” certainly is an exciting time, May is still a great month to chase crappies.Spring crappie anglers usually think shallow water and finding the warmest shallow water is often the key.

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Spring Time Panfish!

Impulse Live Rigged Paddle Minnow – Northland Fishing Tackle

Spring is in full swing here in the Midwest. Being that most gamefish are closed this time of year and everyone is anxious to get in their boats, it’s a perfect time of year to chase after some nice panfish. I have been on multiple lakes in the past week, the water temperature is ranging from 48-52 degrees.

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Southern Green Bay Fishing Report

Spring Walleye

Northland Tackle Pro-Staffer Steve Kuchenberg provided an update on the Spring Walleye bite on Southern Green Bay and the tributaries. The Wisconsin fishing season opener is always the first Saturday in May and is only a little over two weeks away.Lots of folks have been out targeting Walleye in the rivers and shallows of Green Bay looking for Pre-Spawn fish, but as the water temperatures have climbed into the upper 40’s on Green Bay and into the 50’s in the rivers, the spawn is winding dow…

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Spring Crappie in Wood

Spring Crappie

By: Kevin DahlkeMost locations are now free of ice and depending on your area, the waters are warming and many anglers are biting at the bit as the temperatures haven’t warmed quite enough yet. There are places and structures in and around the water that can help quicken this process.The last few years, we have been using a pattern that involves fishing the shorelines that have heavier overgrowth and also having harder access for getting to them. We are finding that these areas are becoming fish…

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Leif Lundbeck with a nice smallmouth

by Bob Jensen Different anglers have different definitions of what fishing success is. To some, fishing success is catching a bunch of fish: Size doesn’t matter, they just want to catch something.To other anglers, fishing success means you caught a big one. Size is more important than numbers.And then there are those who just enjoy being outside with a fishing pole in their hand and sharing a boat with a friend or family member and savoring the entire experience.

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