Team Northland’s Brian “Bro” Brosdahl is no stranger to walleyes and the Minnesota walleye opener is just around the corner. See what Bro plans to tie on for the opening day and why he likes these jigs.

It’s like Christmas for anglers across the 10,000 lakes area, Minnesota walleye opener is really one of the most exciting times of the year. But, if you aren’t geared up with the proper equipment you may miss the boat and struggle to catch fish this opener. Bro chooses the Long Shank Fire-Ball Jig as his go-to because of the ability to double hook shiners and rainbows with ease and also for plastics because the hook is placed back further for shorting biting fish.

Color and size will vary based on water clarity and depth but Bro loves something bright like UV Pink Tiger or Parrot because fish can pick up on it easier in dirty water or low light situations and the color becomes an extra attractant along with the bait you’re using.

If you plan to throw a bobber, the original Fire-Ball Jig is the ideal bait for smaller minnows and leeches and excels in situations where you don’t need the longer shanked jig and don’t want the fish to see that extra hook. Bro says while most anglers love leeches, minnows under a bobber are one of his favorite ways to fish. Don’t be afraid to add a small stinger hook if you’re struggling to connect with bites because in cold water it can make a big difference in your catch rate.

Whether you’re casting, jigging, drifting, or trolling Northland Fishing Tackle has all the gear you need to have success this Minnesota walleye opener, also be sure to subscribe to our social media and YouTube for more, tips, tricks, and information from top walleye professionals.

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