Team Northland Pro-Staff Coordinator and owner of Fin-Hunters Guide Service Cody Roswick gives you a Western MN and Dakotas Walleye Fishing Report.

June usually brings about trolling for spinner rigs, harnesses, butterfly blades. Water temps warm up fast which signals the end of the jig season that happens around 65 degrees and bottom bouncers and live bait rigs start to rule as walleyes move out deeper. Roswick likes the butterfly blades because they will spin at slower speeds than traditional blades making it easier to fish them slow since not all fish are super active at this stage of the season. Leeches and nightcrawlers are the preferred baits of choice in this time, moving away from minnows that ruled through spring.

Roswick says that the walleye fishing report is good for the month of June and across the western edge of Minnesota and into the Dakotas and recommends that you get out in the boat ASAP to chase some fish.

More info on the Butterfly Blade: Deadly on walleyes and jumbo perch when fished with a variety of harnesses and slow death-style rigs. Light and able to spin and super-slow speeds, Butterfly® Blades are lethal for slow-trolling minnows in cold water, but they also excel at a wide range of speeds throughout the season with leeches, nightcrawlers and soft plastics.

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