Being successful for early season panfish such as crappie doesn’t have to be a mystery. So many times we hear “should have been here yesterday”. And no doubt some days are better than others, but by staying mobile, you can easily reconnect with the fish any day. Tiny swimbaits and tubes such as the Mimic Minnow Fry and Mimic Minnow Tuff Tubes work fantastic for panfish. By using two rods you can really attack the shallows and give them what they want. By casting and very slowly reeling in the Mimic Minnow presentation, you can find them by covering water. Reel as slow as you possibly can without getting hung-up. Once you find the school, then cast your other setup into the same area. This should consist of a Lite-bite float setup to the correct depth you are fishing. This one-two punch is deadly for early season no matter where you are. If the bite slows or stalls, then pick up the swimming rod and go find more.

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