Tungsten Jig Masterclass: The Northland Tackle Tungsten Jig is a versatile and effective lure for walleye fishing, ideal for rocky terrains and diverse bottom compositions. It excels in windy or current-heavy conditions, sinking quickly to the strike zone despite turbulent waters. When used with finesse techniques in clear water, its smaller profile and lifelike presentation can attract wary walleyes, making it a valuable tool for anglers seeking success in various fishing scenarios

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Northland Fishing Tackle’s Tungsten Jig gives anglers a step up on traditional round ball lead jigs. Molded from Tungsten which is 70% more dense than lead, this jig has a faster fall rate and less drag in the water. This allows anglers to use a lighter tungsten jig than typically used when fishing a comparable sized lead jig. In addition, the hardness of tungsten increases sensitivity and allows anglers to feel exactly what's on the bottom. It features a premium hook and dual bait keepers that lock on soft plastics and live bait. The Tungsten Jig comes in 4 sizes 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8. They are available 2 per card. 


  • Made from eco friendly heavy weight tungsten that is 70% denser than traditional lead jigs
  • Tungsten’s hardness allows anglers better feel for bottom contact and lite bites
  • Premium Mustad Ultra Point hook and dual hook keepers lock on soft plastic and live bait
  • Red “T” eyes easily distinguish tungsten

Where to Fish - Tungsten Jig:

The Northland Tackle Tungsten Jig is a must-have lure for walleye fishing, offering versatility and effectiveness in various situations. When considering where to use this jig, focus on areas with rocky terrain or diverse bottom compositions. Its dense tungsten construction allows for enhanced sensitivity, enabling anglers to feel subtle changes in structure, such as rocky to sandy transitions or weed edges. These areas are prime walleye habitat, and the tungsten jig's ability to feel the bottom with precision can lead to more successful catches, especially when targeting these elusive fish.

When to Fish - Tungsten Jig:

In terms of when to use the Northland Tackle Tungsten Jig, it truly shines in windy or current-heavy conditions. The jig's unique pill-shaped design, coupled with its increased density compared to lead, ensures faster sinking rates, even in turbulent waters. This makes it ideal for maintaining control over your presentation and reaching the strike zone quickly, despite challenging weather or water conditions. Whether you're fishing on a blustery day or in swift-moving currents, the tungsten jig's ability to get to the bottom efficiently can greatly improve your chances of hooking walleyes.

How to Fish - Tungsten Jig:

As for how to use the Northland Tackle Tungsten Jig, consider employing it with finesse techniques in clear water situations. Its smaller profile helps it blend in naturally with the surroundings, presenting a more subtle and lifelike appearance to wary walleyes. Whether you're jigging vertically along drop-offs or casting near underwater structures, focus on making subtle movements to mimic the motions of prey. Experiment with different retrieval speeds and jigging actions to find what works best for enticing strikes from walleyes in various conditions. With its versatility and effectiveness, the Northland Tackle Tungsten Jig is a valuable addition to any walleye angler's tackle box, providing opportunities for success in a wide range of fishing scenarios

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