Rumble Stick catches big walleye when trolling


New Rumble Stick is true on the troll and will shake up the water for deepwater multi-species success.

BEMIDJI, Minn. (April 7, 2021) – In March of 1958, rockabilly guitarist phenom Link Wray released his single “Rumble” and listeners immediately took note with dance halls and jukeboxes practically wearing out the vinyl. The instrumental featured some of the first uses of distortion and feedback that would shake up the rock ‘n’ roll scene forever.

Now, over sixty years later, Northland Fishing Tackle® is proud to release its own rock ‘n’ roll sensation with the name Rumble – a premium crankbait designed by Northland chief bait designer Jarmo Rapala. The Rumble Stick is a deep-diving crankbait available in two sizes with varying diving depths. For the hardcore trolling game, you’ll discover walleyes and other species find their unique roll and action simply irresistible!


Rumble Stick in Gold Perch color

Gold Perch

Rumble Stick in Steel Chartreuse color

Steel Chartreuse


The #4 Rumble Stick dives 18’ to 25’ and the #5 dives 23’ to 32’. Each is formed of balsa through the Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process and features a welded through wire construction from the tie eye to the tail. With regards to the manufacturing process, Jarmo Rapala says, “There are no other manufacturer building baits with this construction method. The result is baits that are strong, durable, and offer precise actions in the water.”

Northland pro-Joel Nelson comments on the durability of the individually tank-tested Rumble Sticks, “The construction of the baits is important for trolling. Oftentimes, I’ve caught muskies and big pike in open water areas. And if you’re catching basin walleyes, the bait’s going to take some abuse – from netting big fish and sticking in a fish’s mouth and leveraging the bait out it’s helpful to have a bait that’s so well constructed and holds up. Northland’s HCM process is a real game-changer in terms of bait construction.”


Brian 'Bro' Brosdahl with a walleye caught on the Rumble Stick crankbait


Designed to imitate larger baitfish forage, the bait features a tight action that attracts aggressive gamefish response. The Rumble Stick is available in a multitude of 15 colors, from match-the-hatch patterns to bright and vibrant custom paint themes. The Rumble Stick features premium short shank treble hooks and an oval split ring on the line tie.

Northland pro-Brian “Bro” Brosdahl remarks, “The Rumble Stick is exactly that trolling crankbait I’ve been looking for. They dive deep and their tight wobble really grabs the attention of fish. And the colors are just dynamite for the trolling game!”

Bro continues: “The Rumble Stick is a big game tool. It’s a great bait for trolling a deep weedline or deep structure or over open water like in the Great Lakes and your bigger walleye factories. The Rumble Stick has a digging, shaking motion and a side-to-side movement that gives it a great tail wag. It’s good for calling in fish from a distance. It’s just the bait for catching big walleyes, pike, and trout. It has super sharp hooks and comes in 15 fish-getting colors to match the hatch of any location. And you’ll find plenty of unique colors without the custom paint job price.”


Rumble Stick in Purple Wonder color

Purple Wonder

Rumble Stick in Sneeze color



Northland Team Pro Joel Nelson adds: “The Rumble Stick dives super deep. So much of the summertime walleye fishing for years has focused on contour breakline trolling, but a lot more anglers are now relying on their electronics to find deep, suspended fish. With Rumble Sticks diving anywhere from 18- to 32-feet, you’ve got a really nice range to target open basin fish. And you don’t have to pull leadcore line necessarily, which is what most guys are doing to get down that deep. Pulling a balsa bait like the Rumble Stick over those suspended fish is a proven tactic. The Rumble Stick is perfect for trolling down deep and the smaller size is ideal for trolling sharp contours and breaklines.”

Nelson continues: “I really like the color selection because in clear water situations in big walleye factories like Mille Lacs, Lake of the Woods, and the Great Lakes it’s all about color. Anglers are either matching the hatch trying to make the bait look like predominant forage like in the case of Lake of the Woods or they’re trying to do something crazy, like the firetiger color varieties and the Wonderbread patterns. Guys for years have been winning tournaments everywhere from the Mississippi River, to Mille Lacs, the Great Lakes, and Lake of the Woods on custom-colored crankbaits and Rumble Sticks look like that right out of the box.”

You’re going to want to up your game with Northland’s new custom Rumble Stick…fishing’s definitely better with balsa.


Rumble Stick in Silver Shiner color

Silver Shiner

Rumble Stick in Purple Tiger color

Purple Tiger


Rumble Stick Features and Specifications:
• Heat Compression Molding (HCM) Construction
• Welded Through Wire Construction from tie eye to the tail
• Individually Tank-Tested
• Size- #4- 4.25″, 3/8oz, #4 hook (Depth- 18-25ft)
• Size- #5- 5″, 5/8oz, #3 hook (Depth- 23-32ft)
• Made from Premium Balsa
• MSRP $9.99

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