Crankbait Trolling for Walleye: Rainy Lake guide Donnie O’Bert shares some A+ info that will help you catch more walleyes trolling crankbaits. He also sticks a nice north-of-the-border eyeball on the Northland Rumble B.


Crankbait Trolling for Walleye (Rumble B)

Rumble B – Purple Dot

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The unique swimming lip on this crankbait causes water to flow over the shoulders of the bait eliciting a rocking motion that sets off a visual flash along with a steady hunting action. Use medium tackle to feel the swimming action of the bait. Available in three sizes to cover a range of depths from 8′-25′ deep. Trolled at steady speeds, the Rumble B swims with a rolling action ideal for deep, slow-moving fish; a fast troll provides a quicker action that is irresistible to active fish. Get ready to rumble!

Rumble B 09 — Length: 3.75″ Weight: 1/4 oz. Depth: 8-10 ft. Hooks: 2

This two hook killer is perfect for taking out fish 8-10 feet deep. Use 10-15 pound test with medium tackle for big action and high hit count while trolling or casting. Inspired by experienced Scandinavian fishermen for fishermen who want to catch big fish.

Rumble B 11 — Length: 4.25″ Weight: 3/8 oz. Depth: 10-14 ft. Hooks: 3

This is the ideal size for hunting walleye or lake trout running mid-depths. Medium tackle is preferred for great action. Can be cast to reefs or drop-offs to search out lurking biggies. Its unique rolling action on retrieve lets the super sharp hooks do their work.

Rumble B 13 — Length: 5.25″ Weight: 5/8 oz. Depth: 16-21 ft. Hooks: 3

Its 5.25″ length makes this the ideal lure for deep, aggressive predators. Long line freely with hefty tackle or go extra deep with lead core line or via planer boards – this model was built extra strong for hunting the biggest fish and for the biggest water bodies.

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