Trolling Crankbaits for Big Walleyes: When walleyes are transitioning from spring habitats to their summer haunts they can be difficult to locate. The best way to find active fish is by covering water and trolling cranks!

Tyler and Sarah are the first to admit that although trolling crankbaits can sound a bit boring when the bite is on there are few better ways to cover water and locate fish that may not be as tightly grouped up as they are during other times of the year.

The Rumble Shad is a go-to for this scenario, it’s a mid-running crankbait is available in three sizes with varying diving depths. All are formed of balsa through the unique Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process and feature a welded-through-wire construction from the tie eye to the tail. Designed to imitate shad, perch, and bluegills, this crankbait features a tight action that is irresistible when trolled behind the boat.

The setup rounds out with a longer, softer baitcasting rod and 12-pound monofilament line with increased stretch and durability making it the ideal setup to let fish take the bait and not pull hooks away from lighter-biting walleyes.

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