The RZ JIG® is the most reliable, versatile artificial fishing lure on the market today! Jigs are simply metal weighted heads with a hook molded in that can be dressed with live bait or plastic trailers. They imitate darting, injured baitfish and are available in endless sizes, shapes and colors.

Jig fishing is fun and easy. It simply requires a little personal touch. You can drag, bounce, hop, snap, thump or swim a jig with nearly any motion and speed, but you will find that SLOW, short 3-6" jerks and little twitches of the rod tip will trigger the most strikes!

The RZ JIGS® are made in many different head styles. The "ballhead" is the most popular and versatile. They are the fastest sinking, and work well for casting and vertical jigging. The "stand-up" style fishing jigs are designed for dragging & working along the bottom, and are superb in scattered weeds, and river current. When fishing weeds & submerged timber, "weedless" fishing jigs are your best choice.

Always let jig hit bottom before you start your retrieve and remember . . . fish generally hit a jig on the fall!

Northland Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tips

  • Use the lightest fishing jig possible, and match your jig size to the weight of your line. For 4 lb. test line, use 1/32 and 1/16 oz. jigs. For 6 & 8 lb. line, 1/8 & 1/4 oz. jigs work best. When fishing with 10 & 12 lb. line, 3/8, 1/2 oz. and heavier jigs should be used. Be flexible, and match your line weight to each individual fishing condition!
  • Cast and let them flutter down around weeds, rocks and timber, or troll and drift them slowly along the bottom. Swim ‘em, hop ‘em, drag ‘em or flutter ‘em . . . it lures ‘em in and turns ‘em on!