The BIONIC BUCKTAILS® are the finest bucktails ever developed to attract, fool and trigger strikes from Giant Pike, Monster Muskie, Lunker Lake Trout and Line Stripping Stripers! They are hand-tied with genuine bucktail hair that pulsate and swim when jigged or retrieved. Lifelike Baitfish-ImageTM designs imitate gamefishes’ favorite forage . . . a wounded baitfish, fleeing muskrat or helpless duckling! Tie one on . . . and hang on!

BIONIC BUCKTAIL® JIG Imitates a soft-scaled cisco, alewife, tulibee or perch! Features a "center" tie-eye for vertical jigging, or a "forward" tie-eye for casting and trolling. A deadly trailing "sting’r hook" hidden in the bucktail gets those short striking biters everytime! Lethal for vertical jigging in deep water for suspended Lake Trout, Stripers and Northern Pike! Deadly for trolling drop-offs and weedlines for Pike and Muskie

Bionic Bucktail® - Northland Fishing Tackle
Northland Fishing Tackle

BIONIC BUCKTAIL® SPINNER Hand-tied with genuine bucktail. In-line design is dynamite for fishing over, around and through weeds, reeds, rocks, brush and timber. Features a lifelike "holographic" Baitfish-ImageTM willowleaf blade that throbs and pulsates the bucktail to provoke strikes. Drives big Pike and Muskie absolutely wild! A 5/0 VMC treble hook trailed by a 3/0 sting’r hook . . . hooks ‘em & holds ‘em!

BIONIC BUCKTAIL® SPINNERBAIT Dynamite for fishing over, around and through heavy weeds, reeds, bullrushes, brush and timber for Giant Pike and Monster Muskie! Features throbbing "high-lift" attractor blades and a pair of heavy duty 7/0 hooks! Produced two Muskies over 50 lbs. & numerous Pike over 25 lb. since it was introduced in 1985!