Fisherman holding up a big walleye caught on a Northland Fishing Tackle jig.

My walleye jig box used to be pretty simple, Fire-Ball® Jigs of the round and stand-up varieties. These continue to see plenty of action. However, I believe that adding bladed jigs to the mix has increased the catch in my boat on certain days and on certain bodies of water. For example, in the bog-stained water of Upper Red Lake in northern MN, the Fire-Ball® Spin excels. On Leech Lake, another one of MN’s hot “up-north” walleye destinations, the Thumper® Jig produces from opening day through fall. The Whistler Jig®, now available in UV colors, gets the call when I’m fishing Rainy River on the MN/Ontario border and the upper Mississippi River. It’s also a mainstay on Lake Oahe in SD, Lake Sakakawea in ND, and Fort Peck Reservoir in MT, all massive lakes on the Missouri River system. The Fire-Ball® Spin Jig is tailor-made for adding a shiner, fathead, or rainbow minnow. Thumper® Jig and Whistler Jig® work well with a minnow or soft plastic tail.

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