Fisherman holding up a big largemouth caught on a Reed Runner Spinnerbait.

Springtime and spinnerbaits, this is something we love to hear!  The waters are warming and that in turn draws the fish to the shorelines for those warmer temperature waters as well as they start getting prepared for the coming spawn. Structure objects in shallow waters are heat absorbers from the sun’s rays and these areas warm that much more quickly as well.

Certain areas hold more fish than others and finding these locations needs to be done quickly and effectively for having a good day on the water. One way to cover these different areas is to fish different-looking areas with a spinnerbait.

Northland Fishing Tackle Reed Runner Tandem Spinnerbait.

The Northland Tackle Reed-Runner® Spinnerbait allows you to fan cast a variety of areas and by varying the retrieve, giving the baits profile a different look and vibration from the blades. There are two blade variation options that allow you to cover that variety of water that you are looking for the fish in.

The Single Spin has a single Colorado blade that gives off a lot of vibration, that in off-colored water, the fish can feel and hone into the bait through their lateral line. The Tandem Spin has a small Colorado blade and a Willow blade, that offers a tighter vibration but gives off more flash for clearer waters for imitating a school of baitfish.

In the springtime, while running the trolling motor, you can fan cast targets as you go along the shoreline, docks, trees, rocks, and the emerging lily pads. Casting right to the shoreline and using a variety of retrieves, letting the fish tell you what they prefer, and then start mimicking that retrieve as you cast to other targets.

When you find an area that is holding a fish or two, spend a bit more time working that area and chances are, you may hit into several fish. The spinnerbait is a bait that allows you to cover a good amount of water and is easily castable to specific locations.

By Kevin Dahlke

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