Fisherman holding a smallmouth bass up he caught on a soft plastic tube bait.

The Smallmouth in Northern Wisconsin are bedded up and, with some persistence, are ready to bite. This is a fun time of year and your chance at landing a giant smallie is high. When I head out bed fishing for Smallmouth, I look for a gravel bottom with scattered rocks. Downed trees also make great spots for beds. Once a bed has been located baits such as a soft plastic tube bait with the Rattln Inner Tube Jig, makes for a great bed bait. Another great bait is a soft plastic stickbait, texas rigged or wacky rigged. Getting the fish to bite isn’t always easy. You want to repeatedly cast past the bed and drag your bait onto the bed. Once the bait is on the bed, I like to lightly pop the bait up and down. A lot of times you will see the flash of the Smallmouth turning when they bite. Once they bite, hold on, you’re in for a fun fight. Good luck everyone!

Austin Williams

Northland Fishing Tackle Pro-Staff

Lakes Area Outdoors

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