Tackle Boxes with spinner rigs and components.

By: Eric Brandriet

There are countless ways to boat walleyes, but the traditional spinner or livebait harness probably accounts for as many as any other.  Their simplicity, ability to cover water, and ease of use only add to the popularity.  Spinners are often thought of as a simple mindless rig and they certainly can be, but breaking down each component and choosing the best for present-day water clarity, depth, and fish behavior can make the spinner rig an even more effective walleye catching tool. 


Today’s blades are made of not only metal like Bait-Fish Image blades but Northland Tackle’s poly-carbonate Butterfly Blades revolutionized spinner harnesses now being able to be trolled very slowly while emitting a vibration like no other.  Blades are just one important component as hooks, beads, floats and even plastics help make up harnesses that walleyes can’t resist.

Spinner rig components organized in tackle boxes.

The mere volume of tackle in boats today has increased and the components for spinner/livebait rigs have definitely added to this.  Due to space, storage of these in your boat is important.  Prime walleye days usually aren’t calm days so blades and hooks often move freely in stowaways, compromising their paint and finish.  Storage has evolved from plastic bags to stowaways that not only keep all the components organized but even more importantly protected from movement and moisture.   Stowaways, where dividers can be placed closely together, prevent unwanted damaging movement. Perforated and moisture-wicking dividers allow air movement and draw moisture that could lead to rust.  


Northland Tackle does an incredible job incorporating preferred components for most walleyes inhabited waters.  Complete harnesses with a variety of hook combinations, colors, sizes of blades, and even floats have made Northland Tackle Spinners a “Go-To” in any walleye fisherman’s arsenal.  If you’re looking to tie your own, matching components to water clarity, depth, structure, and fish behavior without a doubt will put more walleyes in your net.

Spinner blades stored in a tackle box.

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